Why a space for play?

Learning is powered by play.

Play is how young children learn and it is essential for healthy development. 


Our Mission

The mission of the Play Space is to enrich young children’s lives through play by providing a welcoming place where young children and their families play, learn and grow together. The vision is to enrich all children's lives through play.  The Play Spaces values will be: Welcoming, Inspiring, Encouraging and Learning through Play.

Our Story

ABC Cayuga is a community collaborative working together since 2011 to improve the healthy development of young children in Cayuga County.  ABC Cayuga was founded on the belief that young children need a nurturing community environment to thrive and to meet their developmental milestones.  Over the past five years, ABC Cayuga has been instrumental in initiating, supporting and promoting many community programs and activities aimed at mobilizing community partners to build family strengths and promote healthy development. 

Local families caring for young children described feeling isolated as though they are "parenting on an island".  It can be hard to find a safe, clean space in which young children can play and explore outside the home, as well as meet new friends. This is true anytime of year but particularly with the long winter season. Many families stay indoors which can make creating engaging play difficult.  We need more play in Cayuga County all year long.

Board For the year 2017, the officers of the Board of Directors are:

President                      Margaret (Meg) O’Connell

Vice President              Patricia Gridley

Secretary                      Kara Georgi

Treasurer                     Robert Forcey

The Board of Directors of ABC includes:

Sue Barrette

Kathi Craig

Carrie Hanno

Robert Forcey

Kathleen Cuddy

Amy Avino Bryan

Roger Anthony

Ryan Pine

Elaine Meyers

Lori Boles-Shakow

Kara Georgi

Patricia Gridley

Katie MacIntyre

Margaret O’Connell

Patrick Carbonaro

Thank you to outgoing Board of Director Members for 2016

Kelly Garback and Jennifer Haines.


Nancy Tehan, Director of ABC Cayuga, Inc.

Elizabeth Stilwell, Director of Play Space Operations

Play Facilitators